Brunswick Commerce Center is a 19 lot mixed-use subdivision containing 15 commercial lots ranging from 2 acres to over 12 acres, providing many options for various sized commercial and light industrial uses. The larger lots could be subdivided by another developer. We look forward to welcoming new and expanding businesses to the local Mid Coast economy.


The Commerce Center is situated less than one mile from busy Pleasant Street on U.S. Route One, Brunswick -also known as the Old Portland Road. The site is also less than a mile to the access/exit ramp for I-295. The development is sandwiched between I-295, U.S. Route One and the Durham Road. Some lots offer Route One visibility and others could be seen from the I-295 corridor. The 2250 foot loop road is scheduled to be built in the Fall of 2009. The infrastructure contractor is still undetermined and we are waiting for bids from qualified contractors. The location makes it an ideal location to attract qualified employees from the Portland, Augusta, Lewiston and Bath employee pools. All the above mentioned cities are less than a half hour commute to the Commerce Center.


This project will help mitigate the job loss resulting from the closure of Naval Air Station Brunswick and will provide an incubator for technical and small manufacturing operations in the region. As a contractor who services the entire Mid Coast region, I can say this is also an ideal location for any company in the service industry.


  The zoning is Mixed Use 5 under Brunswick's zoning ordinance. The density requirements are 2 acre minimum lot size. Maximum building size is10,000 sq. ft. per 2 acre lot.


We are currently working with CMP and the Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development Department in securing a CDB Grant to extend 3 Phase power to the Park. In addition, recently our Governor signed a bill that extends the Pine Tree Zone of tax incentives to the entire state.


  LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01




Table 208.1 USE TABLE

Use/District MU5

Bank   -

Bed and Breakfast P

Boarding House -

Business Office - P

Car Wash P

Congregate/Assisted Living - (Amended 9/4/01 R)

Convenience Store X (Amended 7/5/05 R)

Club or Lodge P

Community Center P

Contractor's Space P

Drive-Through X (Amended 5/20/02 R)

Dwelling, Single and Two Family P

Dwelling, 3 or More Units P

Gasoline Sales X

Golf Course -

Greenhouse or Florist P

Educational Facility P

Farm  P

Hotel -

Industry Class I  P

Industry Class II -

Kennel P

Library or Museum P

Media Studio  P

Motor Vehicle Sales X

Motor Vehicle Service/Repair -

Parking Facility -

Photographers/Artists Studio P

Professional Office  P

Recreation Facility P

Religious Institution P

Restaurant  P

Retail Class I P

Retail Class II X

Service Business Class I P

Service Business Class II P

Veterinary Office P

Warehousing and Storage  -

Theater X

Key: P="permitted use"; X="prohibited use; "-"=Special Permit required, see Section 701.















Minimum Lot Area

2 acres


Maximum Density

1 unit per 2 acres


Minimum Lot Width

150 feet


Minimum Front Yard

25 ft


Minimum Rear Yard

30 ft


Minimum Side Yard

30 ft


Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage



Maximum Building Height

40 ft


Maximum Building Footprint Per Structure

10,000 s.f



- E-MAIL: info@brunswickcommercecenter.com